How To Change Your SIM Card On Your Phone Without Needing To Reboot The Phone To Make The New SIM Card Work

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How To Change Your SIM Card On Your Phone Without Needing To Reboot The Phone To Make The New SIM Card Work 1
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One thing someone will say about this article when he finally sees it, will be; why will I want to change my SIM card when my phone got two or more SIM card plots?

But looking at this for a while and wondering why you will ought to change it in the latter, actually will help a bit cause basically speaking, most of us do have more SIM cards than our phone could take.

changing SIM cards steps 05

Now here’s another question which I’m sure will pop up in most of you guy’s mind;

“why the heck will I be having more SIM cards than my phone SIM card plots?”

And here’s the truth, having more than one SIM card doesn’t mean you’re insane or you’re into fraudulent activities which requires more of it to hide your identity.

Most times, we do have these SIM cards for business activities (I meant genuine business activities 😊) but in my case it’s quite different but still related to some serious business activities.

My own case is just simple, due to most of our Network Providers various tariff plans which most of them do give out more benefits than the other.

For example, MTN YafunYafun gives more airtime bonus when you recharge and this tariff plan is meant for new users only and when you want to migrate to other tariff plan like MTN iPulse which enables you to purchase midnight bundle which do comes with a cheap rate and also save your normal Monthly or Yearly Data Plan.

changing SIM cards steps 06

And when you do migrate from MTN YafunYafun to MTN iPulse you tend to lose these following benefits;

  1. Your current airtime bonus.
  2. The benefits of recharging and getting airtime bonuses.
  3. The chance of migrating back to MTN YafunYafun.

But here’s the benefits you get when you’re on MTN iPulse;

  1. The chance of subscribing for 250MB data with ₦25.
  2. Low call rate as low as 11k/sec.
  3. Another chance of subscribing 1GB for ₦500.
  4. And some more goodies when you dial *406# to check them.

Now, you lose these benefits for another benefits.

But hey! What’s wrong if I just get two MTN SIM cards and enjoy both benefits 😁. Change the SIM card as I wish but don’t forget I still use other Network Provider just to enjoy their benefits also.

changing SIM cards steps 07

Again, still change SIM cards on that other Network Provider making my dual SIM plot more okay for multitasking.

I think I’ve done more talking for now. Let’s get to the main reason why you are here.

Changing SIM Card On Your Phone Without Rebooting It To Make It Work

So, you urgently want to change your SIM card just to get one or two things done without rebooting your phone which will be of great delay to your own side.

Okay, it’s simple as ABC. Remove the SIM card from the phone and slot in the new SIM card you will like to use.

Now wait for a few seconds and a notification sign will pop up on your screen asking you if you will like to update your details.

Like in my own case below 👇

changing SIM cards steps 01

Simply click YES and wait a little bit.

And there’s it, your new SIM card is ready to be use for anything.

changing SIM cards steps 02

But I’m sure not all phones may have this feature and again you may miss this by accidentally removing just by operating your device when the notification might pop in.

An alternative, I guess? Sure, there’s an alternative in achieving this.

Using Airplane/Flight Mode For Newly Changed SIM Card To Work Without Rebooting

An alternative you asked for, you can also achieve this through the use of airplane/flight mode.

With the new SIM card still on your device (but not working), you can simply put on your airplane/flight mode ON and OFF again and then wait a few seconds while both SIM cards boot together (in case of Dual SIM phones).

changing SIM cards steps 03

There you have it, both SIM cards are now working without you needing to reboot your device and also wasting your time.

changing SIM cards steps 04


Most phones do reboot SIM cards on it’s own automatically but some don’t and here’s how this article come of help on that fact.

Again, it’s safe for your device. The fear of getting your device crash is far from this cause it has been used for a great number of years by those who knew about this and not a word of their device getting crash.

So, it’s safe and easy..


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